Akrapovic presented Evolution line exhaust for BMW M5 F90

The Akrapovic BMW M5 F90 Evolution Line titanium exhaust, is Akrapovic’s flagship exhaust for F90 platform.With Akrapovic’s technologically advanced design, R&D and craftsmanship, this exhaust truly elevates the overall driving experience the BMW F90 M5, turning it from sports saloon, into a spirited M car, with the sound and performance to match.

Built from high grade lightweight titanium to reduce weight, with valves housings cast in the in-house Akrapovic foundry, the Akrapovic  BMW M5 F90 Evolution line titanium exhaust system fits directly onto the BMW M5’s stock downpipes, making installation quick & efficient.

The BMW M5 F90 Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust was not only designed to perform, delivering both power & torque gains throughout the range and significantly reduce the back pressure.  It was also designed to be the best sounding BMW M5 F90 exhaust system in the market, combining the highest quality materials, with painstaking R&D, to come up with this final product. Finished with handcrafted carbon fibre tailpipes to enrich the visual enjoyment of the exhaust.  The tailpipes have been perfectly crafted and designed to fit beautifully within the optional carbon fiber diffuser. Complete the carbon fibre look with a carbon fibber set of mirror caps.

The system is plug-n-play and has been designed to meet ECE type approval. You can find also as an option Akrapovic sound kit.



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