AC Schnitzer presented 3 new tuned BMW models at Essen Motor Show 2018

BMW’s biggest tuner AC Schnitzer presented at Essen Motor Show a few days ago three new BMW  models:

  1. BMW 8 series (G14, G15) by ACS

The figure eight is a very positive number: It stands for strength, endurance, creativity and balance. Attributes with which the AC Schnitzer team can identify very well. Especially when it comes to refining the new BMW 8 series Coupé (G15).

The premiere of the first design study was presented at the Essen Motor Show. It shows in which direction “the design journey” could go. In this case, they will use the fair as an indicator – it will reflect how customers like their interpretation of the 8 Series Coupé by AC Schnitzer.

    2. BMW M5 Competition  by ACS

On the way to the perfectly tuned M5 from AC Schnitzer’s point of view, theye have already broken two records with their version and thanks to the support of the globally successful touring car pilot, Jörg Müller: The M5 by AC Schnitzer is with 1:31.71 min. the fastest sedan on the Sachsenring and also on the Nürburgring Nordschleife the time driven of 7:29.50 min. is the fastest ever achieved with an M5. 

Of course at AC schnitzer they are happy about the success but above all they have used the knowledge from these race track applications to further perfect their developments for the BMW M5. Now that they have finished and present the  coherent overall concept of the M5 by AC Schnitzer.

It is a finely tuned composition of engine power, an optimised exhaust situation and carbon aerodynamics designed for downforce, in conjunction with the AC Schnitzer lightweight wheel/tyre combination in 21 inch and the suspension technology used. But one after the other.

   3. BMW i8 TUNE IT! SAFE!

Already for the fifth time AC Schnitzer participates with their equipment of a campaign vehicle in the initiative TUNE IT! SAFE! of the Association of German Automobile Tuners e.V. (VDAT). This campaign is also supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The aim of the initiative is to combat illegal and unsafe tuning with a nationwide campaign.


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