1:31.71 min: Jörg Müller drives in the M5 by AC Schnitzer new record: fastest sedan on the Sachsenring

Still under development, in the absolute prototype stage: that’s how the M5 by AC Schnitzer was sent on the Sachsenring round.
He hadn’t completed a meter on the track before – the increase in performance was brand-new and hadn’t been tested either. The built-in aerodynamics was only available as a sample parts program. At that time, all parts that were later manufactured in carbon were “only” used as painted GRP parts. It was a risk. We decided to take it and despite this early project phase to face the direct comparison with the M5 series and some competitors.
As the driver of the M5 by AC Schnitzer we were able to win the globally successful touring car driver, Jörg Müller, who signalled after only a short acclimatisation phase that he wanted to start the 3.671 km long race track. Dictum – Factum.
10 left and four right turns later it was clear what we had not dared to dream at that time: With 1:31.71 min. the M5 by AC Schnitzer is now the fastest sedan on the Sachsenring.
We are very proud of this record. Especially when you consider that the M5 by AC Schnitzer competitors, with melodious names such as Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4SV or Mercedes GTC50 AMG. To his serial counterpart, the AC Schnitzer version of the M5 took 4 seconds off on the Sachsenring lap.
Nevertheless, the final developments for the M5 by AC Schnitzer have continued. Wheel/tyre combinations up to a rim size of 21 inches are now available. “Carbon Sport” tailpipes, first aerodynamic components and lowering springs are also available.
The AC Schnitzer power increase, which will reach 515 kW/700 hp and 850 Nm instead of the standard 441 kW/600 hp and 750 Nm, is currently in the endurance run test.
As soon as this is completed, the performance upgrade will also be available. Naturally including the obligatory assembly guarantee for AC Schnitzer.
The AC Schnitzer silencer versions, which will also contain the “Sport Carbon”tailpipes, will follow.
Jörg Müller, who of course knew that the M5 by AC Schnitzer is not quite finished yet, was all the more impressed: “A great car: really fast, super sporty, yet comfortable and absolutely suitable for everyday use! The M5 by AC Schnitzer really has everything I could wish for in a car. And this one looks good, too.”

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